Since its ori­gin among the indige­nous peo­ples of Mexico in 1981, World Indigenous Missions has sent ordi­nary peo­ple around the world for one pur­pose: to dis­ci­ple the nations to reach the world. “Indigenous” is a big word with a sim­ple def­i­n­i­tion. It means home­grown or exist­ing nat­u­ral­ly in its own area. When it comes to cross-cul­tur­al min­istry, we believe this means equip­ping local work­ers to influ­ence their own peo­ple with God’s love and truth.

The face of mis­sions has changed dras­ti­cal­ly over the past cen­tu­ry. Today, it can resem­ble any­thing from lead­ing wor­ship to teach­ing English. It can be plant­i­ng church­es, car­ing for orphans, con­duct­ing “busi­ness as mis­sion,” devel­op­ing cre­ative media or train­ing lead­ers. Whether you’ve got two weeks or twen­ty years, WIM will equip you to obey the Great Commission.

EVANGELIZE the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ
ESTABLISH indigenous churches where there are none
EQUIP and serve leaders

IvonneWIM sends peo­ple to vis­it us and we are able to have lots of dis­cus­sions around our table about life on the field. They lis­ten, encour­age and pray for us. All who have vis­it­ed us have served on the mis­sion field, so when they tell us they under­stand, they real­ly do. This is a hard sea­son we are in and we def­i­nite­ly need­ed the extra encour­age­ment. I’m so thank­ful for our WIM fam­i­ly! We joined them in 2011 and it is one of the best deci­sions we’ve ever made.” -Ivonne

Why not become a part of the family?

WIM is a close-knit fam­i­ly of indi­vid­u­als with big dreams for the nations. We oper­ate through per­son­al rela­tion­ships with our mem­bers.

We are a fam­i­ly. When asked what WIM is, any one of our mis­sion­ar­ies will tell you that it is a fam­i­ly. As a core val­ue, com­mit­ted rela­tion­ships are the heart of our orga­ni­za­tion. WIM can help its mem­bers to be the most effec­tive mis­sion­ar­ies pos­si­ble, enabling us to accom­plish much more togeth­er as a fam­i­ly than would be pos­si­ble as indi­vid­u­als.

We will serve you

The direc­tors, the office staff, the inter­ces­sors and the ambas­sadors of WIM are here for the pur­pose of serv­ing the needs of the mis­sion­ary. People are often sur­prised by the amount of admin­is­tra­tion required to func­tion effec­tive­ly as a mis­sion­ary. From newslet­ters to tech­nol­o­gy to donor rela­tions we are here to ease your admin­is­tra­tive headaches. We also serve you by pro­vid­ing excel­lent finan­cial account­ing and report­ing to your donors for all dona­tions received. We serve you so you can serve the nations.

We will train you

At WIM we under­stand that liv­ing cross-cul­tur­al­ly can be a daunt­ing task. Ministering is even hard­er. That is why we will train you to do both. Under the tute­lage of an expe­ri­enced mis­sion­ary, you will learn over a two year peri­od the tools nec­es­sary to be an effec­tive cross-cul­tur­al min­is­ter.

We will care for you

The WIM lead­er­ship cares about your spir­i­tu­al and emo­tion­al health. We will vis­it you reg­u­lar­ly while you are on the field to encour­age and strength­en you in mind and spir­it. For many, our lead­ers have brought spe­cif­ic insight to prob­lems they are fac­ing. However, for most, the lead­ers are that wel­come ear that will laugh and cry with you. WIM also believes in the pow­er of the fam­i­ly to encour­age and heal. That is why reg­u­lar con­fer­ences are held to bring the whole WIM fam­i­ly togeth­er for mutu­al encour­age­ment. Most impor­tant­ly, our office staff will pray for you dai­ly.

We are an extended family

Arriving on the mis­sion field is not just an end to a chal­leng­ing prepa­ra­tion peri­od. It is the begin­ning of a new min­istry. WIM has devel­oped a net­work of inter­ces­sors that will pray for your needs. Our ambas­sador pro­gram exists to help you meet your min­istry needs while on the field or in the U.S.