First Time in 19 Years: Indigenously Supported

Coliseum filled with children

By Roberto Krisztal

We are preparing to have our annual event to reach 2,500 Bolivian kids through songs, dances and a wonderful drama. This year, we have a new strategy. For the past 19 years, Children’s Club Bolivia has covered the costs for the annual outreaches. However, God laid it on my heart that, because this is an outreach for Bolivia, the Bolivian church needs to pay for the work. The outreach will cost 6,000 Bolivianos, a little less than $900 USD. This provides flyers, commercials on television, prizes for the outreach, a good sound system and rent for the coliseum. I am asking businesses to give one-time gifts of 200 Bolivianos, churches to give one-time gifts of 100 Bolivianos, and individual families to give one-time gifts of 50 Bolivianos. Please join us in prayer that Bolivian believers will support the work and that many kids and parents will come to know Jesus through this outreach.


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