Husband and Father Transformed

Mexican man

By Chris Trueworthy (Missionary 259)

Names in this true story have been changed for the sake of privacy.

Mary came to church faithfully praying for her family. Once in a while, her husband, Santiago, would come and maybe her son or daughter. She was there without fail. Then we noticed a change in her husband. He began to come regularly. At first, he would leave early, but with time, he stayed until the end. Santiago asked if he could go with me when I travel to preach. We also noticed that his countenance had changed. He began giving both time and money to help the church. The fruit of the Gospel is becoming evident in this family. God is working to restore families and save lives in this small church in Tepozlan, Mexico. But that is not all! Their son, Juan, and his girlfriend, Luisa, began coming regularly also. Juan stood and testified that he wants to follow God. It has taken a tragic turn of events to get his attention, but it is clear that God is at work.

Photo credit: Andreas Lehner, used under CC BY

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