Japanese Practice

Busy train station in Japan

By Janine Alvarado

“Maybe while reading this book, I will change my way of thinking,” said my contact with whom I’d been sharing the Gospel. We were reading through a book about God together for Japanese practice. I could tell that she was really drawn to the book, but I did not expect this kind of comment.

Later that night, I met another contact who was teaching some students English. While the kids played, he asked if Vicente was discipling many people. Not yet, I answered. He said, “Well, maybe I will be his first disciple. Vicente will play a big role in whether I decide to become a Christian or not.”

Knocked us off our seats. Even now as I write, Vicente is doing a Bible study with this gentleman, who has been quite an evangelistic challenge.

Now, as much as ever, we need your prayer to see the Holy Spirit transformations in this land. Thank you for being a part of this community of prayer to reach Japan.

Janine and her husband Vicente are WIM missionaries serving to see Japan transformed by the Gospel and a vibrant community of believers emerging. You can follow Janine on her blog at nipponalva.com.

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