Long-Term Fruit in the Dominican Republic

man speaking to congregation

By Bill Otten

men preaching
Bill and Jerry

In 1989, I began part­ner­ing with WIM Missionaries Jerry and Miok Morris in the Dominican Republic. They were church planters there for eight years. To assist in their work, they led teams of youth and adults on short-term mis­sion trips to do street cam­paigns com­plete with music, dra­mas, pup­pets and preach­ing.

Over the course of 26 years, Jerry and I have teamed up to con­duct train­ing sem­i­nars and lead­er­ship con­fer­ences in Mexico, Venezuela, and most recent­ly, the house church net­works of China. Our rela­tion­ship has been a long and fruit­ful part­ner­ship of an evan­ge­list and an apos­tle.

When I orga­nized a return trip to the Dominican Republic recent­ly, Jerry was thrilled at the prospect of return­ing to the field of his labors. Twenty years had passed since we last worked togeth­er there.

man playing guitar and singing
Jerry lead­ing wor­ship

During the trip, Jerry was great­ly hon­ored by gifts and awards of appre­ci­a­tion from the church­es as a “father in the faith” for all his church plant­i­ng and dis­ci­ple­ship work. Some of his dis­ci­ples are now pas­tor­ing large church­es or pros­per­ing in busi­ness. One of the young peo­ple from Jerry’s youth min­istry is now pas­tor­ing a church of 2,500 with sev­er­al more church­es plant­ed. The believ­ers poured out their grat­i­tude for the work that was accom­plished so many years ago. Many tes­ti­fied to us how their lives were changed in those days. During the trip, per­haps as many as 75 prayed to receive the bap­tism with the Holy Spirit.

Today, the small towns are now large cities, the dirt roads where out­door cam­paigns were con­duct­ed are now paved and the small works are now church­es of thou­sands! The gospel seed has done its work; to God be the glo­ry!

Bill Otten is the founder of Lifeline International, a min­istry that has touched over 50 nations pro­vid­ing min­istry, equip­ment, lit­er­a­ture, finances and oth­er forms of prac­ti­cal help to church­es and min­istries around the world.

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