Alvarado, Vicente & Janine



Our vision is to see Japan trans­formed by the gospel and a vibrant, well-equipped com­mu­ni­ty of believ­ers emerge, ready for all God has for them! Our goal is to fur­ther the Kingdom of God by all means pos­si­ble, evan­ge­liz­ing in this unreached coun­try and dis­ci­pling believ­ers to be dis­ci­ple mak­ers them­selves. As we work under and with Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa, our focus is to come along­side the church lead­er­ship as a sup­port; to encour­age and equip min­istries with­in the church and form new ones where God leads; and to reach out to those around us, devel­op rela­tion­ships and guide them to Christ, our only Hope in this life.


Missionary Number: 233

Ministry Focus: Discipleship, Evangelism

Region(s): East Asia