Jarvis, Tim & Jenni



Mission work brought Tim and Jenni Jarvis togeth­er in 2009. Jenni had just returned from her first short-term trip to Kenya when Tim began email­ing her say­ing that he had felt God’s call into mis­sion work and was wait­ing on His guid­ance. After get­ting mar­ried in 2011, they mutu­al­ly agreed they felt led into full-time min­istry in Kenya. They joined WIM in January 2012 and moved to Kenya that August. They cur­rently work­ as mis­sion­ar­ies in the Kisumu area of Kenya with their two chil­dren. Originally, their focus was on dis­ci­pling and car­ing for the 41 chil­dren at United Hope Children’s Home. God lat­er revealed the need to teach and dis­ci­ple local pas­tors and to train lead­ers to become dis­ci­ple mak­ers in the sur­round­ing areas; this has now become part of their min­istry. Jenni, who is a nurse, also pro­vides basic med­ical care for the chil­dren.


Missionary Number: 266

Ministry Focus: Children, Church Planting, Discipleship, Evangelism

Region(s): Africa