Trueworthy, Chris & Elizabeth



Chris and Elizabeth Trueworthy joined WIM in 2011 after Chris grad­u­at­ed from lan­guage school in McAllen, Texas. Chris has been in min­istry for 20 years and has always had a pas­sion for the nations. In 2010, Chris and Elizabeth yield­ed to God’s call to serve full-time in mis­sions. They are cur­rent­ly min­is­ter­ing in Jiutepec, Mexico, where they have a desire to see the indige­nous church­es mobi­lized for a greater impact and ser­vice in glob­al mis­sions. As part of this ven­ture, they are writ­ing a dici­ple­ship course to help the local church­es grow in uni­ty to accom­plish the goal of glob­al impact. They trav­el to var­i­ous places in Mexico preach­ing, teach­ing, and devel­op­ing rela­tion­ships with the Mexican pas­tors.  Their vision is to see the Mexican church rise up to take its place in reap­ing the har­vest around the world.  Their son Christopher Jr. is a vital part of this min­istry in Mexico.



Missionary Number: 259

Ministry Focus: Discipleship, Evangelism

Region(s): Mexico & Central America, South America