Be Ready In and Out of Season

By Patty Schmid

I climbed aboard the city bus head­ing down­town to St Paul for my den­tal appoint­ment. Soon after I took my seat, I had the feel­ing that Jesus want­ed me to share my faith. I had recent­ly learned how to share my per­son­al tes­ti­mo­ny in two or three min­utes, and then share the gospel mes­sage just as briefly, I had even done it a few times, so I had an idea what I could say, but with whom? No one was right next to me so I looked around me and silent­ly prayed, “Lord, is it the young lady across from me? Is it the woman in the seat behind me?”

I was a bit tak­en aback by the Lord’s qui­et answer, “I want you to stand up and share with every­one.”

Lord,” I argued, “Really? I’ve nev­er done that before.” While I wait­ed a few min­utes, wrestling with my feel­ings, sev­er­al more peo­ple got on the bus, and the urge to share only got stronger. “What if peo­ple don’t like it? What if the dri­ver tells me to be qui­et, or to get off?” I thought.  “Is this real­ly you, God?” I prayed.

Who else would it be?” came the answer. This made me smile, of course! I knew it wasn’t the dev­il. So I stood up and took a few steps toward the mid­dle of the bus and spoke loud­ly so that all of the 30 or more peo­ple could hear me.

I have some­thing to share with you all. I’m 61 years old now,” I start­ed, “but when I was 16, I was look­ing for mean­ing to my life like many young peo­ple do…” Everyone stared at me in stunned silence. No one said a word. One young man kept tak­ing the ear­bud out of one ear to lis­ten, then putting it back in.   I fin­ished my lit­tle sto­ry of how I found Christ and how my life has changed, then I began telling the good news. The dri­ver sent me a dis­ap­prov­ing look in his rearview mir­ror. “Some of you may think I shouldn’t be talk­ing like this, and maybe the dri­ver doesn’t like it either, but I was on the bus one day when a woman was curs­ing and yelling for sev­er­al min­utes, and the dri­ver said noth­ing. I think I should be able to say some­thing good.” Several peo­ple nod­ded slight­ly in agree­ment and I went on, “I’ve nev­er done this before, but I felt so strong­ly that I should share it, so I’m sure some­one on this bus real­ly needs to hear this. God loves each one of you very much and wants every­thing to go well with you.” Just then a young woman stood up to get off at her stop, and as she passed me, she hand­ed me a dol­lar bill. It sur­prised me, but I just smiled and said “Thank you!” then I con­tin­ued speak­ing, “The prob­lem is that we all make bad deci­sions that cause bad con­se­quences and make us feel like we can’t come close to God.” I told about God’s solu­tion, how he sent Jesus to pay for our bad deci­sions and made it pos­si­ble for us to have a rela­tion­ship with God. I told them about the deci­sion we all need to make.

When I fin­ished, I didn’t think to lead them in a sal­va­tion prayer, but I remem­bered a lit­tle book I had with me, with scrip­tures and help­ful com­ments.  I told them how good the book was, and asked if any­one want­ed it. I made eye con­tact with sev­er­al peo­ple, but no one took it. There was one young man close to where I was stand­ing who had lis­tened intent­ly to all that I said. I looked at him and said, “You want it don’t you?” He nod­ded, and took the book. Then I sat down.

I talked a lit­tle with the woman next to me, then it was time for me to get off. A lady got off with me and then said, “I agree with every­thing you were say­ing.”

That encour­aged me. As a mat­ter of fact, I was very excit­ed about what just hap­pened. 30 peo­ple just heard the good news! In the three blocks that I had to walk to the dentist’s office, I spoke to four more peo­ple. I’ll tell you about one of them. As I walked a woman approached me, “Excuse me, could you give me 35cents for the train?”

I smiled broad­ly, “Do you know what? Someone just gave me a dol­lar. I think this is for you.” I pulled the dol­lar out of my pock­et and hand­ed it to her.

Someone gave you a dol­lar?” she asked incred­u­lous­ly.

I explained briefly, and sug­gest­ed I walk with her to the train stop.

Okay but I have to walk slow­ly because of my knee,” she said.

Oh, I’m a direc­tor of Healing Rooms,” I said. “We pray for peo­ple and see mir­a­cles all the time. I would love to pray for you.”

We stopped right there and she allowed me to lay my hand on her knee while I com­mand­ed heal­ing in Jesus name. “Now check it out!” I said.

She moved her leg around and I could see by the aston­ish­ment in her face that her knee was healed! “It’s bet­ter!” She exclaimed.

I want to encour­age every­one to be bold and step out and fol­low Paul’s advice to Timothy: “Preach the word; be ready in sea­son and out of sea­son… do the work of an evan­ge­list, ful­fill your min­istry.” (II Timothy 4:2,5)

Patty and her hus­band John were called as mis­sion­ar­ies to Mexico in 1998. They were on the field full-time from 2000 to 2006. Since 2006, their min­istry has been more focused on heal­ing which includes inner heal­ing and deliv­er­ance. They are direc­tors of Healing Rooms in the USA and have received cer­ti­fi­ca­tion for inner heal­ing min­istry. They spend six months of the year in Mexico work­ing with Healing Rooms there. They are involved in the train­ing and encour­age­ment of prospec­tive mis­sion­ar­ies both in Mexico and the USA. Patty has authored a book called Sweetness and Light. John has authored Exploring the Father’s Heart: Love in Action, the first book of a series.

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  1. Patty, I’ve read it before; but I just read it again. That is so encour­ag­ing. Thank you for giv­ing us an exam­ple to emu­late. You are a joy to the Lord and to us who know you. I pray He will con­tin­ue to give you man­dates and the grace to obey them. Much love to you, Mary Nell.

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