Staying in Tune

You are sick and ask for prayer. People respond, “We’re thinking about you.” Or, “We’re sending vibes your way.” We have already talked about the biblical perspective of thought in two previous blogs. But what about vibes? Is this just an expression of New Age philosophy? Or do vibes have the power to bring you off your sickbed?

The most accurate answer is, “I don’t know.” No one knows. It has not been scientifically proven, though those who practice energy medicine believe that there is a vibrational flow in the universe to which we can connect and then transmit remotely or by touch.  The foundation is, however, metaphysical.

At a symphony performance, the oboe sounds the “A” to which every section of the orchestra tunes. The note is played at a perfect 440 vibrations per second. When each instrument achieves that perfection, the whole orchestra plays in harmony.  But now we are talking physics.

In 1963, meteorologist Edward Lorenz devised the theory that a butterfly could flap its wings in Brazil and eventually cause a tornado in Texas,  He was considered a buffoon until it was understood that his point was there is no such thing as an uneventful moment. Even the vibrations of a butterfly’s gossamer wings have major consequences. Author and motivational speaker Andy Andrews expounded Lorenz’ train of thought in his book The Butterfly Effect. It is Andrews’ firm belief that we live today with the derivatives of actions set in motion centuries ago.

The ancient philosophical concept of The Music (rhythm, vibrations) of the Spheres suggests a harmonious/mathematical order to the universe. Mickey Rooney echoes the thought in his impromptu soliloquy on rhythm in Strike Up the Band, the 1940 movie he made with Judy Garland.

Maybe there is something to sending vibes, but for me to send or to receive them, I am looking for something more in tune with the God’s power. I like how WIM missionary Patty Schmid writes her message from the Father in her book Sweetness and Light:

“You, Sweetness, have a special place in My heart.  Let your heart beat in Mine. Be still child, if I told you to be here to feel the rhythm of My heart, you can be assured that you will…Hear the rhythm around you…My heart beats with a special rhythm, but remember My heart whenever you hear or see rhythm around you. Let it be a reminder of how My heart beats in yours, in your body, soul and spirit…My rhythm is all around you, in every movement…The rhythms of heaven are beautiful, with perfect harmony, but the rhythms of earth reflect them.”

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