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How Santa Got A Full Belly (It’s Not What You Think)

Little African girl

We spent our day in the inte­ri­or fin­ish­ing our home vis­its. We drove and drove and drove some more! We walked and walked and walked until we thought we were going to pass out! We real­ized we should have brought pro­tein snacks with us and more water because of the dis­tance and the hot African sun…

Sweet Strategy: 1,680+ Cinnamon Rolls Entirely Fund Mission Trip

Don’t ever say you can’t go on a mis­sion trip for finan­cial reasons—if you or your friends can bake, that is. Lara Hochstetler (WIM Missionary 276) fund­ed her entire trip through the bak­ing and sell­ing of cin­na­mon rolls.… Read More

African Woman Stands in Worship

Tim and Jenni Jarvis vis­it­ed some of the need­i­est wid­ows in their area bring­ing them encour­age­ment from the Word and a bag of gro­ceries. One wid­ow they vis­it­ed gave her life to Christ. In her bet­ter health, she had been… Read More

Equipping Pastors in Kenya

Pastors working in groups during class

Recently one of our mis­sion­ar­ies trav­eled to Kenya to teach pas­tors in a Bible school. Though he fought res­pi­ra­to­ry prob­lems and a low grade fever the entire time, God worked through his teach­ings and the pas­tors were all… Read More