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Fifty-Seven Come to Christ in Myanmar

Smiling burmese children

Pastor James and his teams tes­ti­fy that 57 peo­ple came to Christ and that they were able to feed 78 chil­dren in three dif­fer­ent loca­tions. They also not­ed that the Agape Children’s Home now has four res­i­dents. They hope to soon reach 10 as sup­port allows. They dis­trib­uted 50 New Testaments to new Christians. More Bibles are need­ed for only $2.15 each.

Japanese Practice

Busy train station in Japan

Maybe while read­ing this book, I will change my way of think­ing,” said my con­tact with whom I’d been shar­ing the Gospel. We were read­ing through a book about God togeth­er for Japanese prac­tice. I could tell that she was real­ly drawn to the book, but I did not expect this kind of com­ment. Later that night, I met anoth­er con­tact who was teach­ing some stu­dents English. While the kids played…

Cross-Cultural Breakthrough in California

black pot cooking on fire outside

By Joshua Allen I’ve been build­ing rela­tion­ships with the Mixteco peo­ple in a town on the cen­tral coast of California. I told them about how we held a gift-giv­ing cer­e­mo­ny for needy chil­dren dur­ing this past Christmas. We had pre­pared… Read More

In the Beauty of His Holiness

Our adult Sunday school class is study­ing the Book of Esther this sum­mer, and God is expos­ing truths this eager learn­er has nev­er seen before. For instance, He said one key to under­stand­ing the ancient sto­ry is sim­ply… Read More