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Fruitful Team Visit

Group of people standing in front of Japanese landmark

In late June, a team from our home church vis­it­ed to put on a VBS along with a num­ber of oth­er out­reach­es. It was the first short-term team vis­it that we planned from start to fin­ish, so it was a tri­al run for us. We attempt­ed to put into prac­tice all we’ve learned to make it a fruit­ful trip. We put on…

78% of Muslims will never meet a Christian — but these did

children surrounding van

In March, I flew to Kurdistan to work with four beau­ti­ful women who live there long-term. These women are heroes, and they deeply impact­ed my life. We just “hap­pened” to be vis­it­ing the same place Canon Andrew White was vis­it­ing. We had the hon­or of spend­ing quite some time with him, lis­ten­ing to sto­ries and learn­ing much. We even had our very own Easter ser­vice with him! Andrew is a patri­arch of the region and devotes his life to see­ing relief and rec­on­cil­i­a­tion there.

Floodwaters stopped for WIM missionary in Indonesia

Indonesian children watching monsoon

Recently one Sunday night, I received an urgent Skype call from “Ruth,” our fel­low mis­sion­ary in Indonesia. Her house was in dan­ger of flood­ing yet again as a mon­soon storm was rag­ing out­side. She had no one to help her and she was in charge of a num­ber of young chil­dren. Immediately, a verse that had been on my mind through­out the day came out in the form of this prayer…

Passing the Torch: Kids in Missions

Man telling Bible stories to crowd of captivated children

Am I going to have to wait until I’m an old man to teach peo­ple about the Lord?” our nine year old son blurt­ed out in frus­tra­tion. Earlier, Caleb had over­heard my wife and I dis­cussing who would run her week­ly bible class in the vil­lage dur­ing her absence… and he felt like it should be him. After all, I had just prayed with him the night before about God using him to min­is­ter to oth­ers. This was his oppor­tu­ni­ty…

How Santa Got A Full Belly (It’s Not What You Think)

Little African girl

We spent our day in the inte­ri­or fin­ish­ing our home vis­its. We drove and drove and drove some more! We walked and walked and walked until we thought we were going to pass out! We real­ized we should have brought pro­tein snacks with us and more water because of the dis­tance and the hot African sun…

First Time in 19 Years: Indigenously Supported

Coliseum filled with children

By Roberto Krisztal We are prepar­ing to have our annu­al event to reach 2,500 Bolivian kids through songs, dances and a won­der­ful dra­ma. This year, we have a new strat­e­gy. For the past 19 years, Children’s Club Bolivia… Read More

Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood

Disturbed boy using computer

By Tony Bianchi, WIM Member Care I have always admired mis­sion­ary chil­dren for their matu­ri­ty and abil­i­ty to talk to adults. However, some of our mis­sion­ary chil­dren face adult issues and grow up men­tal­ly and emo­tion­al­ly too fast.… Read More

Zany team hosts successful outreach with more to come

People in costume

Children’s Club Bolivia, led by WIM mis­sion­ar­ies Roberto and Mauri Krisztal in col­lab­o­ra­tion with YWAM Santa Cruz, recent­ly shared the love of God with forty chil­dren and ten par­ents. Please be in prayer for the Children’s Club Bolivia team… Read More

The Happy Monster

little girl playing in a garden

By Hannah Henderson (Missionary 249) We left our home in Missouri at 3 AM to head for the air­port. Despite my best efforts, Thymely (near­ly two years old at the time) awoke as I was putting her in… Read More