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International Conference 2016

Over 80% of our mis­sion­ar­ies attend­ed the WIM International Conference this year in San Antonio, TX. Missionaries from dif­fer­ent parts of the world such as Japan, Mexico, Africa, Ireland, and India, came togeth­er for 5 days to learn, wor­ship, and be refreshed. It was like a huge fam­i­ly reunion echo­ing…

Passing the Torch: Kids in Missions

Man telling Bible stories to crowd of captivated children

Am I going to have to wait until I’m an old man to teach peo­ple about the Lord?” our nine year old son blurt­ed out in frus­tra­tion. Earlier, Caleb had over­heard my wife and I dis­cussing who would run her week­ly bible class in the vil­lage dur­ing her absence… and he felt like it should be him. After all, I had just prayed with him the night before about God using him to min­is­ter to oth­ers. This was his oppor­tu­ni­ty…

No Turning Back

You could have heard a pin drop after Sergio made the announce­ment. Some of the par­ty guests appeared frozen with drinks raised half way to their gap­ing mouths, a few wept… but no one spoke. They were famil­iar faces to Sergio, fam­i­ly mem­bers and long time friends all gath­ered togeth­er to cel­e­brate his high school grad­u­a­tion, yet he had felt uneasy about how they would respond to his words. Now we were all star­ing at him…

First Time in 19 Years: Indigenously Supported

Coliseum filled with children

By Roberto Krisztal We are prepar­ing to have our annu­al event to reach 2,500 Bolivian kids through songs, dances and a won­der­ful dra­ma. This year, we have a new strat­e­gy. For the past 19 years, Children’s Club Bolivia… Read More

Husband and Father Transformed

Mexican man

By Chris Trueworthy (Missionary 259) Names in this true sto­ry have been changed for the sake of pri­va­cy. Mary came to church faith­ful­ly pray­ing for her fam­i­ly. Once in a while, her hus­band, Santiago, would come and maybe… Read More

Saving lives…literally

pregnancy center schertz tx

Today brings more good news about what WIM mis­sion­ar­ies are doing around the globe—in this case with­in 20 min­utes of WIM head­quar­ters. David and Shara Pierce (M262) have a deep com­mit­ment to the pro-life cause. Deep enough, in fact, that just… Read More

How Martin (and his family) came to Christ

beer cans

By Andrew Conrad (Missionary 126) Martin had been in and out of Alcoholics’ Anonymous most of his adult life.  When he was forty-five, he was diag­nosed with a ter­mi­nal case of liv­er cir­rho­sis and had less than a week… Read More

Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood

Disturbed boy using computer

By Tony Bianchi, WIM Member Care I have always admired mis­sion­ary chil­dren for their matu­ri­ty and abil­i­ty to talk to adults. However, some of our mis­sion­ary chil­dren face adult issues and grow up men­tal­ly and emo­tion­al­ly too fast.… Read More

International Conference: We Are Family

For five days and four nights last week, over 80 WIM mis­sion­ar­ies gath­ered from around the world in New Braunfels, TX, for the WIM International Conference. Although their loca­tions and types of min­istry vary great­ly, they all had… Read More

A Bicycle for Juan

bicycle surrounded by children

By Ricky Oliver (Missionary 2235) My friend Juan asked if I could get him a bicy­cle that he could use to get to work. Juan and his wife have a beau­ti­ful fam­i­ly with beau­ti­ful smiles. When I gave… Read More