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A Bicycle for Juan

bicycle surrounded by children

By Ricky Oliver My friend Juan asked if I could get him a bicycle that he could use to get to work. Juan and his wife have a beautiful family with beautiful smiles. When I gave him the… Read More

How to Survive on the Mission Field: Going with the Culture

boys playing soccer

You must embrace the culture to which you are called. Embracing the culture will allow you to contextualize the gospel.Paul did this with the Greeks he met on Mars Hill when he made mention of the statue to… Read More

How to Survive on the Mission Field: Rewards and Challenges

people of different cultures

“We’ve given up everything to follow you. What will we get?” This was Peter’s question to Jesus in Matthew 19:27-29 NLT. From scripture we know that the original apostles will sit with Jesus judging the twelve tribes of… Read More

2013 International Conference

The dates have been set and the location reserved for the 2013 International Conference. WIM missionaries and friends will converge August 4-8 at the Courtyard Marriott River Village in New Braunfels, TX. Pictures from the 2010 International Conference

How to Survive on the Mission Field: A Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable lifestyle

In my last blog, I discussed the “camping-out” mentality that has caused many good missionaries to fail in the plans God had for them. Camping out is not a sustainable lifestyle. From WIM’s perspective, it is true that missionaries could… Read More

How to Survive on the Mission Field: Camping Out


After you have prayed and found the will of God on where you are to serve, we want you to succeed. So the next question is how are you going to succeed? I believe it is important that… Read More