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Floodwaters stopped for WIM missionary in Indonesia

Indonesian children watching monsoon

Recently one Sunday night, I received an urgent Skype call from “Ruth,” our fel­low mis­sion­ary in Indonesia. Her house was in dan­ger of flood­ing yet again as a mon­soon storm was rag­ing out­side. She had no one to help her and she was in charge of a num­ber of young chil­dren. Immediately, a verse that had been on my mind through­out the day came out in the form of this prayer…

Veracruz Update

car damaged by flood

If you are one of the gen­er­ous donors who gave to the Veracruz dis­as­ter relief project, you made the news on our web­site! Your finan­cial sup­port demon­strat­ed God’s love in prac­ti­cal ways. Read this report sent by Director… Read More