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Long-Term Fruit in the Dominican Republic

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In 1989, I began part­ner­ing with WIM Missionaries Jerry and Miok Morris in the Dominican Republic. They were church planters there for eight years. To assist in their work, they led teams of youth and adults on short-term mis­sion trips to do street cam­paigns com­plete with music, dra­mas, pup­pets and preach­ing. Over the course of 26 years, Jerry and I have…

This Miniature Japanese Home Hosts Church Growth

House packed full of people

By Janine Alvarado [JAPAN] One of our big deci­sions was which cell group to attend because that is where we will be focus­ing a lot of our ener­gy. After vis­it­ing a few, we prayed about it and decid­ed… Read More

The Majority of this Town Attended a Gospel Outreach

By Ron Mouser “We can’t have a holy church ser­vice in front of a gov­ern­ment build­ing with all of our unbe­liev­ing neigh­bors stand­ing around watch­ing us,” some church mem­bers had respond­ed upon hear­ing my plans for the out­reach.… Read More

Husband and Father Transformed

Mexican man

By Chris Trueworthy (Missionary 259) Names in this true sto­ry have been changed for the sake of pri­va­cy. Mary came to church faith­ful­ly pray­ing for her fam­i­ly. Once in a while, her hus­band, Santiago, would come and maybe… Read More

Cross-Cultural Breakthrough in California

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By Joshua Allen I’ve been build­ing rela­tion­ships with the Mixteco peo­ple in a town on the cen­tral coast of California. I told them about how we held a gift-giv­ing cer­e­mo­ny for needy chil­dren dur­ing this past Christmas. We had pre­pared… Read More

How Martin (and his family) came to Christ

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By Andrew Conrad (Missionary 126) Martin had been in and out of Alcoholics’ Anonymous most of his adult life.  When he was forty-five, he was diag­nosed with a ter­mi­nal case of liv­er cir­rho­sis and had less than a week… Read More

Mentoring & Discipleship (WIM Core Values, 3 of 5)

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By Jerry Morris “Go and make dis­ci­ples” was the last com­mand Jesus gave to His dis­ci­ples. Making dis­ci­ples is a com­mand not an option. In many cir­cles and church­es today, the pic­ture of dis­ci­ple­ship has changed from how it… Read More

The Everlasting Gospel or Plan B?


An author I read recent­ly was empha­siz­ing the impor­tance of hav­ing an alter­nate plan in case the orig­i­nal plan failed. He called it “Plan B.” That is good advice. We all expe­ri­ence fail­ure. No mat­ter how well we… Read More

How to Survive on the Mission Field, Part 5: Going with the Culture

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You must embrace the cul­ture to which you are called. Embracing the cul­ture will allow you to con­tex­tu­al­ize the gospel.Paul did this with the Greeks he met on Mars Hill when he made men­tion of the stat­ue to… Read More

Mysteries Revealed

I don’t know any­one who does not enjoy a sus­pense­ful mys­tery. If the nov­el or movie is a real­ly good one, the final “who­dunit” ques­tion is not answered until the last scene. Sometimes, the view­er may even be… Read More