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New WIM Member Care Base in Spain

By Tony & Mary Ann Bianchi WIM Member Care is excit­ed to announce the very first, soon-be-estab­lished, WIM region­al Member Care base in Málaga, Spain! After jump­ing through many inter­na­tion­al hoops for what seemed like for­ev­er, Dick and… Read More

Steps to Prevent Missionary Burnout

Woman carrying a heavy load of grass in Nepal

By Mary Ann Bianchi, WIM Member Care Reality check When you hear the expres­sion, “The straw that broke the camel’s back,” what do you think of? What mean­ing does that hold for you? A camel is designed to… Read More

Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood

Disturbed boy using computer

By Tony Bianchi, WIM Member Care I have always admired mis­sion­ary chil­dren for their matu­ri­ty and abil­i­ty to talk to adults. However, some of our mis­sion­ary chil­dren face adult issues and grow up men­tal­ly and emo­tion­al­ly too fast.… Read More