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Lights! Camera! Action!

camera and lights in studio

WIM was trans­formed into a film stu­dio this week when a gen­er­ous gift made it pos­si­ble for us to replace our 16-year-old, VHS-mas­tered mis­sion­ary train­ing videos. Thank you, Lord.

Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood

Disturbed boy using computer

By Tony Bianchi, WIM Member Care I have always admired mis­sion­ary chil­dren for their matu­ri­ty and abil­i­ty to talk to adults. However, some of our mis­sion­ary chil­dren face adult issues and grow up men­tal­ly and emo­tion­al­ly too fast.… Read More

Transforming the World with a Video Camera

men filming livestock

    Technology on mis­sion The Hawkins fam­i­ly is mak­ing rip­ples all over the world from their home base in south Texas. John and Joann Hawkins joined World Indigenous Missions in 1990 and worked as church planters in… Read More

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Email

Typing on a keyboard

Email is such a nor­mal part of the aver­age person’s life that we tend to for­get about its strate­gic val­ue. As a mis­sion­ary, you may be stay­ing busy try­ing to keep up with the most cut­ting-edge meth­ods of… Read More

Don’t Use the Pony Express to Mail Your Prayer Letter

Communication has changed dras­ti­cal­ly. The thought of a horse and rid­er deliv­er­ing my per­son­al mes­sages seems like a thing of the ancient past, but in real­i­ty, it was only 150 years ago that peo­ple in the Wild West were using the Pony Express. I have to admit, the Pony Express sounds roman­tic, but I’m very glad to have Google Chat instead (one sec­ond vs. ten days). This is a per­fect exam­ple, albeit an extreme one, of just how dra­mat­i­cal­ly things have

Watch Out, Social Web! Here Comes WIM!


For the past sev­er­al months, a few of us on the WIM staff have been brain­storm­ing, re-think­ing, dream­ing and learn­ing. Our main ques­tion has been: “How can we uti­lize tech­nol­o­gy for the king­dom of God?” I had been… Read More