The Happy Monster

little girl playing in a garden

By Hannah Henderson (Missionary 249)

We left our home in Missouri at 3 AM to head for the airport. Despite my best efforts, Thymely (nearly two years old at the time) awoke as I was putting her in her car seat. She was in a cheerful mood and spent the car ride to the airport talking about the stars and the trees she could see out the window. I was just about asleep when she said,

“Oh, mommy! See the happy monster?”

I looked out the window and all I saw were the stars. I asked her if she still saw the monster and she said,

“Right there! See?” in her cutest excited voice. But I saw nothing.

This happened two or three more times in the next 36 hours of travel, each time she was very excited and pointed upwards, and each time I thought the same thing: God had an angel traveling with us to get us safely to the Philippines. Every turn of events during that day and a half backs up my theory, for not a plane was missed nor bag lost. Thymely was well-behaved and had very much fun on the planes. Praise be to God.

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