God Has Heard Your Prayer!

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Zechariah was a Jewish priest. He and his wife Elizabeth want­ed to have chil­dren, but Elizabeth was bar­ren. They had prayed for many years, but their prayers were not answered. Now that they were well past child­bear­ing years, it is very like­ly that they had stopped pray­ing and had accept­ed the fact that they would die child­less…

How about Italian?

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By Andrew Conrad Sheryl and I were in lan­guage train­ing school in McAllen, Texas.  We were going to school full time, liv­ing on mis­sion­ary sup­port for the first time in our lives, and enjoy­ing the chal­lenges of liv­ing… Read More

Releasing Your Faith

Mark 11:21–26 has been a great encour­age­ment to me over the years. It is the account of Jesus curs­ing the fig tree. When Peter com­ment­ed on what had hap­pened to the tree, Jesus said we should have “faith in… Read More

The Everlasting Gospel or Plan B?


An author I read recent­ly was empha­siz­ing the impor­tance of hav­ing an alter­nate plan in case the orig­i­nal plan failed. He called it “Plan B.” That is good advice. We all expe­ri­ence fail­ure. No mat­ter how well we… Read More

Which Art in Heaven


In his book Kneeling with Giants, Gary Neal Hansen explores the meth­ods of prayer prac­ticed by the renowned of Christendom. He devotes an entire chap­ter to Martin Luther and allows the Reformer to expound the virtues of the… Read More

This Unresolved Issue of Death

It hap­pened again for the umpteenth time. I called to tell an old friend about recent deaths in my fam­i­ly, and she flipped to a tale of the death of some­one she knew. It’s not that I was… Read More

In the Beauty of His Holiness

Our adult Sunday school class is study­ing the Book of Esther this sum­mer, and God is expos­ing truths this eager learn­er has nev­er seen before. For instance, He said one key to under­stand­ing the ancient sto­ry is sim­ply… Read More

Living Parables

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Scripture says of itself that all of it is God-breathed; all of it is inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16). Maybe we have done well to mem­o­rize a por­tion of scrip­ture and to ingest the Spirit of Holy… Read More

Staying in Tune

You are sick and ask for prayer. People respond, “We’re think­ing about you.” Or, “We’re send­ing vibes your way.” We have already talked about the bib­li­cal per­spec­tive of thought in two pre­vi­ous blogs. But what about vibes? Is… Read More

More on Thoughts and Vibes

Gene’s soft Texas drawl is always a bless­ing to hear on the oth­er end of the phone. We chat­ted a few min­utes and learned the health sta­tus of one anoth­er and our respec­tive spous­es. Just before sign­ing off with the usu­al “We-love-you-all-please-call-again-soon,” I gushed out, “It was real­ly good to hear your voice, Gene. You all are often in my