God Has Heard Your Prayer!

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Zechariah was a Jewish priest. He and his wife Elizabeth want­ed to have chil­dren, but Elizabeth was bar­ren. They had prayed for many years, but their prayers were not answered. Now that they were well past child­bear­ing years, it is very like­ly that they had stopped pray­ing and had accept­ed the fact that they would die child­less…

Fifty-Seven Come to Christ in Myanmar

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Pastor James and his teams tes­ti­fy that 57 peo­ple came to Christ and that they were able to feed 78 chil­dren in three dif­fer­ent loca­tions. They also not­ed that the Agape Children’s Home now has four res­i­dents. They hope to soon reach 10 as sup­port allows. They dis­trib­ut­ed 50 New Testaments to new Christians. More Bibles are need­ed for only $2.15 each.

Tumor Disappeared

Bolivian cancer patients

For sev­er­al years, Piedra Viva’s wom­en have made bi-month­ly vis­its to a local shel­ter for low-income can­cer patients, bring­ing them fresh pro­duce, dry goods and a word of encour­age­ment from Scripture. This year Ana Vargas has spear­head­ed our efforts, and has been bring­ing sev­er­al of the wom­en to church on Sundays. One such wom­an, Rina, came for­ward for prayer and God touched her. She shared that at her last check-up the doc­tors told her that her tumor had com­plete­ly dis­ap­peared. Praise God!

Japanese Practice

Busy train station in Japan

Maybe while read­ing this book, I will change my way of think­ing,” said my con­tact with whom I’d been shar­ing the Gospel. We were read­ing through a book about God togeth­er for Japanese prac­tice. I could tell that she was real­ly drawn to the book, but I did not expect this kind of com­ment. Later that night, I met anoth­er con­tact who was teach­ing some stu­dents English. While the kids played…

Veteran Missionary David Garcia: Mayans, Miracles, and Mount Sinai

David Garcia is no ordi­nary man. Actually, he is ordi­nary, but his tenac­ity and per­se­ver­ance make him extra­or­di­nary. I have seen him con­front and over­come much adver­si­ty in the course of his min­istry. I first met David in 1983 at King’s Way Missionary Institute in McAllen, Texas. He was already…

How Santa Got A Full Belly (It’s Not What You Think)

Little African girl

We spent our day in the inte­ri­or fin­ish­ing our home vis­its. We drove and drove and drove some more! We walked and walked and walked until we thought we were going to pass out! We real­ized we should have brought pro­tein snacks with us and more water because of the dis­tance and the hot African sun…

No Turning Back

You could have heard a pin drop after Sergio made the announce­ment. Some of the par­ty guests appeared frozen with drinks raised half way to their gap­ing mouths, a few wept… but no one spoke. They were famil­iar faces to Sergio, fam­i­ly mem­bers and long time friends all gath­ered togeth­er to cel­e­brate his high school grad­u­a­tion, yet he had felt uneasy about how they would respond to his words. Now we were all star­ing at him…

The Deaf Hear

It was cold. We were above the Arctic Circle in Siberia hold­ing evan­ge­lis­tic ser­vices. The Iron Curtain had fal­l­en, and the Russian peo­ple were hun­gry to hear the good news of sal­va­tion. The night before we had preached to almost sev­en hun­dred peo­ple, and many had respond­ed to the mes­sage. It was my priv­i­lege that morn­ing to have been asked to speak at a deaf and mute colony of about twen­ty peo­ple. Knowing my words would be trans­lat­ed into Russian and then con­vert­ed into sign lan­guage…

Letter from the mission field of Walter Fleming

By Walter Fleming, WIM Founder For the past six years, my “mis­sion field” has been in my home office, writ­ing and edit­ing books and ser­mons. At first, I thought in terms of numbers—numbers of books writ­ten, print­ed, trans­lat­ed and num­bers… Read More

New Roofs for Rainy Season

By Lydia Barnes (WIM Missionary 270) [MEXICO] “Maria” is a 20-year-old mom with a two-year old and twins on the way any day now. Her hus­band works all day in the avo­cado orchards to make only $10. He hasn’t… Read More