The Deaf Hear

It was cold. We were above the Arctic Circle in Siberia hold­ing evan­ge­lis­tic ser­vices. The Iron Curtain had fall­en, and the Russian peo­ple were hun­gry to hear the good news of sal­va­tion. The night before we had preached to almost sev­en hun­dred peo­ple, and many had respond­ed to the mes­sage. It was my priv­i­lege that morn­ing to have been asked to speak at a deaf and mute colony of about twen­ty peo­ple. Knowing my words would be trans­lat­ed into Russian and then con­vert­ed into sign lan­guage…

Letter from the mission field of Walter Fleming

By Walter Fleming, WIM Founder For the past six years, my “mis­sion field” has been in my home office, writ­ing and edit­ing books and ser­mons. At first, I thought in terms of numbers—numbers of books writ­ten, print­ed, trans­lat­ed and num­bers… Read More

New Roofs for Rainy Season

By Lydia Barnes (WIM Missionary 270) [MEXICO] “Maria” is a 20-year-old mom with a two-year old and twins on the way any day now. Her hus­band works all day in the avo­ca­do orchards to make only $10. He hasn’t… Read More

She Gave All She Had

houses in the mountains

By Lydia Barnes (WIM Missionary 270) [MEXICO] Where we live, there are wood­en hous­es called tro­jes built with wood­en beams and steep roofs. There are dusty streets, more hors­es than cars, women in ankle-length skirts, long braid­ed hair,… Read More

This Miniature Japanese Home Hosts Church Growth

House packed full of people

By Janine Alvarado [JAPAN] One of our big deci­sions was which cell group to attend because that is where we will be focus­ing a lot of our ener­gy. After vis­it­ing a few, we prayed about it and decid­ed… Read More

My Wife is a Hero

back alley

By Ron Mouser [MEXICO] Recently, Ivonne res­cued a woman who was being beat by her “hus­band” in the alley next to our house. He was threat­en­ing to kill the woman with a big rock when Ivonne rushed out… Read More

Sweet Strategy: 1,680+ Cinnamon Rolls Entirely Fund Mission Trip

Don’t ever say you can’t go on a mis­sion trip for finan­cial reasons—if you or your friends can bake, that is. Lara Hochstetler (WIM Missionary 276) fund­ed her entire trip through the bak­ing and sell­ing of cin­na­mon rolls.… Read More

Prayer Protects Lives in Mexico

Testimony from a WIM mis­sion­ary choos­ing to stay anony­mous for safe­ty rea­sons: We made it home to Mexico, safe and sound, just as we prayed. There was one hitch at the bor­der when the car­tel stopped us for a… Read More

African Woman Stands in Worship

Tim and Jenni Jarvis vis­it­ed some of the need­i­est wid­ows in their area bring­ing them encour­age­ment from the Word and a bag of gro­ceries. One wid­ow they vis­it­ed gave her life to Christ. In her bet­ter health, she had been… Read More

The Majority of this Town Attended a Gospel Outreach

By Ron Mouser “We can’t have a holy church ser­vice in front of a gov­ern­ment build­ing with all of our unbe­liev­ing neigh­bors stand­ing around watch­ing us,” some church mem­bers had respond­ed upon hear­ing my plans for the out­reach.… Read More