This Miniature Japanese Home Hosts Church Growth

By Janine Alvarado

[JAPAN] One of our big decisions was which cell group to attend because that is where we will be focusing a lot of our energy. After visiting a few, we prayed about it and decided to join this group. We were somehow able to serve up lunch for a large group in our little kitchen/dining room! You can clearly see we are too big for any Japanese-sized home. At the end of February, our group will multiply and we will host the “daughter group” in our home! Eventually, the goal is that we will lead the group and raise up another leader and multiply the group again [and again and again…].

Although Japan is technologically advanced and open to missionaries, it is still unreached with the Gospel. Pray that God would send willing laborers to this great harvest field.

Photo credit: Josiah and Jennifer H.


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