Five New Missionaries Join WIM

By Jim & Ruth

Missions training includes good food and conversationThe 2015 WIM Orientation and Pre-field Training week is now history!

We always pray that the Lord would bring to Orientation the specific individuals whom He has chosen. We  believe He answered our prayers with the five new missionary candidates who came for the June 6-13 event. Each one came already prepared to join WIM and they wasted no time in making connection with one another and with the office staff.

The months leading up to this intensive, eight-day event involved considerable behind-the-scenes preparation by the WIM office staff. Coming to New Braunfels from Maine, Kansas, and Colorado also required considerable financial and time investment on the part of the five candidates. They enthusiastically participated in approximately 70 hours of teaching and activities, and everyone involved felt like this year’s seminar was a huge success.

We are truly grateful for each of the churches, businesses, and individuals who contributed food and/or funds to facilitate this week’s activities. A heartfelt “Thank You!” goes to each member of the staff and each instructor for their labor of love and their commitment, which made this time go so smoothly and so effectively. We rejoice with each one who has had a part in preparing new workers to be sent into the nations as missionaries.

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