No Turning Back

By Ron Mouser

You could have heard a pin drop after Sergio made the announcement. Some of the party guests appeared frozen with drinks raised half way to their gaping mouths, a few wept… but no one spoke. They were familiar faces to Sergio, family members and long time friends all gathered together to celebrate his high school graduation, yet he had felt uneasy about how they would respond to his words.

Now we were all staring at him, the young man in the nice suit whose hands had trembled slightly as he began to speak of his new faith in Christ and his decision to be baptized. It was his idea to make an open confession of faith in front of this large group of unbelievers that he loves dearly. I felt very proud of him. Sergio is the first member of his family to become a born-again Christian… he won’t be the last.

As he stepped away from the microphone and the band began to play again, I hugged him.

“Well, now they all know,” he said. “There is no going back.”

I grinned, “Brother, that’s the way it should be.”

Commitments made in secret are easily broken. When we communicate our beliefs to our family, our coworkers and others who are close to us, not only is it a witness to them, it also motivates us to live according to those beliefs we have expressed. As the old song says,

“I have decided to follow Jesus.
No turning back. No turning back.”

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