Carnaval Prayer Strikes in Bolivia

By Dan Fick

Carnaval Took Over Tried to Take Over Latin America

All across the continent, people were beginning to celebrate Carnaval, better known in the States as Mardi Gras. It’s a Catholic festival with pagan roots, and in Sucre, is a time for drunkenness, violence, sexual immorality and idolatry.

Oftentimes, drunk parents will parade around town with their bewildered children in tow. Sucre’s Christian community usually takes advantage of the extra-long weekend to go out of town on a special retreat. But this year, God led us in a different direction.

Line of people praying over city

Rather than turning tail and running while the city went wild, we organized intercessory prayer strikes.

Prayer Strikes

On Wednesday night, around 50 people gathered at church for a night of prayer and worship. God’s presence was palpable. Then on Saturday morning, nearly 40 people from church came together to pray at a plaza that overlooks the city.

Sunday morning, we had our usual Celebration Service, where I preached about being a church full of missionaries. I challenged everyone to be “salt and light” (Matt 5:13-16) for Jesus in Sucre. Monday and Tuesday, we had two more prayer strikes in strategic locations.

A Long Time In Coming

Fifteen years ago when I was fresh out of Bible School, God gave me a vision and strategies to mobilize the Local Church in Bolivia to impact the community specifically through discipleship, worship, prayer and evangelism. Fast-forward to the present, I’m amazed at the platform God has given us. Now, we truly are mobilizing the local church to impact the community. I can’t begin to describe the deep sense of satisfaction and wonder that floods my heart!

Dan moved to Sucre, Bolivia, in 2003 to work as a youth pastor and worship leader of Piedra Viva Church. There he met Aylín and they married in 2007. In April 2011, Dan and Aylín assumed the role of lead pastors of the church, overseeing a vibrant, growing body of believers. Their heart is to see people touched with the life-transforming power of God’s Truth and to raise up a church to reach every sphere of society for Christ.

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