Speaking of useful free apps, check out the Jesus Film Project app!

A big “THANK YOU” to Frank White of Cru for telling us about this app!

He states,

“Featuring the Jesus film (based on Luke’s Gospel and originally distributed by Warner Bros.), the app includes over 200 videos (feature length, shorts, anime and mini-series) purposed for evangelism and discipleship in a multitude of languages. As of Jan. 2019 the Jesus film itself is available in over 1,700 languages, including some for the deaf!

The app boasts several robust features. It allows videos to be watched in their entirety or in brief clips, with low or high quality viewing, and the opportunity to show clips of Jesus’ ministry (in any of the languages), then immediately texting or emailing a link to the person for the entire film.
The map shows every country with the number of translated languages for each country, further broken down into the videos available for each language. It then links to those films in the requested language.
The Jesus Film App makes every smartphone user a missionary to every nation. And yes, it’s all free.”

Currently available in almost 1,700 languages, their goal is to have the Jesus Film Project library of media available in every language of the world, on any device. This app is designed to be the tool that can equip anyone, anywhere to introduce people they love to Jesus.

You can download any video and keep it forever, for free. You can share clips, episodes, or even entire films for free online. This media was made to be shared and given away, so you can use the whole library to share the good news of Jesus with anyone and everyone.

Learn more and download the app here

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