Recommended Reading: “The Lost Art of Disciplemaking,” by Leroy Eims

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WIM’s vision statement is discipling the nations to reach the world and one of those steps is to evangelize and disciple the lost with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In addition, one of WIM’s core values is Mentoring.

As Leroy Eims says, “Every believer in Jesus Christ deserves the opportunity of personal nurture and development.”  But so often, we are so busy with church programs that we neglect the process of effectively discipling leaders who can themselves disciple others into maturity and fruitfulness.  

All too often we neglect the young Christian in our whirl of programs, church services and fellowship groups. And we neglect to raise up workers and leaders who can disciple young believers into mature and fruitful Christians.

“True growth takes time and tears and love and patience,” Eims states. There is no instant maturity. 

Related imageAs one of our missionaries said: “Discipling is more than just having a study with someone.  It means being willing to spend time with people – on different occasions and for hours at a time.  It also means sharing with them along the way our own experiences, failures, rejections and teaching them from our life experience in ministry, as well.”

Another one noticed that Eims pointed out, “although sometimes we think it is more efficient to do all the work ourselves, it is more fruitful to invest the time upfront to disciple others to do the work of the ministry, so that together, you can accomplish much more for the Kingdom.”

The Lost Art of Disciplemaking has been one WIM’s training materials for many years.  If you have not read it, or if it has been some time since you have, we want to encourage you to take advantage of this very useful tool.

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