A Reflection on 2020

Change. Normalcy. Certain things linger. Yet nothing feels the same. The last year brought a wide range of experiences and emotions for everyone. Most likely, nobody expected the lingering pandemic to continue to have the impact it has had around the world. Yes, we have experienced difficulties in the US, and there are millions more around the world who are facing very difficult times. In the midst of perplexities, we are even more appreciative of the goodness of God! And our hearts are full of gratitude for your friendship and support during these strange days.

WIM workers have been no exception to having to deal with the difficulties and changes of routine presented with the ongoing pandemic. Much of their “normal” ministry has been hindered, whether by quarantines or the prohibition of gathering with others. But what looked like roadblocks have become success stories because of what God has done. Let’s focus on some of the positives emerging from this crisis.

Emergency feeding programs began to spring up from workers in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia. In most locations, food was available, but many people had no money to purchase it due to the inability to work. God supplied funds in amazing ways for these projects. Usually about $20 would meet the needs for a family of four for a week.

Many workers took on a virtual form of ministry—through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom, and others—to proceed to teach and disciple. As they continued to meet, almost everyone noticed they were connecting with far more people in many places around the world. Their tent pegs had been expanded without their own intention; it was a God thing!

Friendship evangelism, or simply getting to know neighbors better through shared experiences, became a common way for some people to minister. Taking time to listen and offering prayer and words of encouragement built bonds of love and friendship.

There are many positive testimonies to what God did in 2020. Let’s not dwell on the negative. While many people look to a new year to bring hope and change, we can have that hope each day, when our confidence is in the Lord.

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