WIM’s Annual Christmas Letter Stuffing Party This Year Was a Success!

On Thursday, October 28, we hosted our annual Christmas letter stuffing party. We are so thankful for our volunteers who joined the office staff in preparing the materials to mail out a message of joy. It is always a fun time of fellowship! We were able to assemble just under 3000 letters in one night! We’re praying that this letter blesses those who receive it.

Give Thanks

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Have you taken time recently just to sit and think about what God has done for you lately, and then thank Him?

All the Things I Still Don’t Know

Written by Janine Alvarado. Original post appears here. Tonight my daughter came home with homework of fill-in-the-blank words, where they give you a picture and maybe a “letter” (or in our case, a syllable) or two as a hint. These assignments are new as she’s starting to advance in learning her hiragana. Some words I’ve just typed into the dictionary, and together we learn a new word. The problem is when… Read More »All the Things I Still Don’t Know

2021 Orientation & Training Week

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Every year we look forward to Orientation and Training Week, and this year was no exception! Last week was filled with worship, fellowship, fun, intensive training, relationship building, and of course, food! We had four people participate this year and we are excited to see where God leads them. Thank you to everyone who donated their time, talents, and gifts to help make this year’s orientation a success! If you… Read More »2021 Orientation & Training Week

Explore the Possibilities

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Explore the possibilities of getting your feet wet in cross-cultural missions with WIM. See where God can take you.

Divine Appointment

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Never underestimate God’s ability to provide divine moments. If God says to do something, do it. Your obedience could change a life or plant a seed of hope.

A Reflection on 2020

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There are many positive testimonies to what God did in 2020. Let’s not dwell on the negative. While many people look to a new year to bring hope and change, we can have that hope each day, when our confidence is in the Lord.

Home and Heritage

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Over the last year, I’ve been reading a book about raising healthy TCKs (Third Culture Kids). There are some wonderful benefits to raising your kids overseas (like an expanded global worldview, outside-the-box thinkers, an intuitive ability to empathize, etc.). But there are also challenges that many TCKs tend to face and that doesn’t often surface until their adult years.

Volunteers Needed to Help Stuff Christmas Letters

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Every year, WIM mails a Christmas letter to raise funds for our precious missionaries. In past years, we hosted a one-night volunteer event to stuff the letters. However, due to the current pandemic, this year’s event will look a little different.  Instead of stuffing the letters in one night, we are asking volunteers to choose a day and time that works best for them. This will ensure that we can adhere to social… Read More »Volunteers Needed to Help Stuff Christmas Letters