Veracruz Update

car damaged by flood

If you are one of the generous donors who gave to the Veracruz disaster relief project, you made the news on our website! Your financial support demonstrated God’s love in practical ways. Read this report sent by Director of Operations Chris Briles when he was in Veracruz helping distribute relief funds last November:

“Thank you for your prayers! Before I came I was believing for a ‘loaves and fish’ miracle with the finances we had raised to date. God is doing that. We have had favor with the stores as we purchase the necessary materials, mattresses etc. and with the people we are hiring to do the actual reconstruction of the church roofs to be able to stretch our money much further than is humanly possible. Many of the church members are helping in the labor to restore their buildings.

“We are going to be able to get all the roofs repaired or replaced (two complete replacements with steel supports instead of wood) for half of what is the “normal” price. We have purchased the material for a 13′ x13′ replacement home for an 82-year-old man who is the elder of one of the villages. We also have purchased replacement guitars for a couple of churches and beds, mattresses, sheets and pillows for several families in various areas near here. Today we took a bed and accessories and a chest of drawers to a lady who had less than three minutes to escape with her life and her two young children. They lost everything they had and have received no help from the government. We restored the mission station in Veracruz with furniture and a paint job and reconditioned a ministry van that was submerged for five days. There are many other things but I hope you get the idea of what God has done with very limited finances.

“God is moving here and bringing so much good out of so much bad. Once again, THANK YOU for your prayers and help for the people in Veracruz. It has shown the love of our Father in many practical ways.”

Praise God that $7725 was raised and used to support those who suffered the effects of Hurricane Karl. Click here for pictures of completed work. Thank you again for your generous response!

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