Relief Comes to Japan

In March of 2011 a tsunami hit Japan. Thousands were killed; there was also widespread destruction to homes, businesses and infrastructure. WIM responded by setting up a fund to channel money into the affected areas, partnering with our missionary on the ground, Janine Geekie, and her team. A ministry center in Iwaki (north eastern Japan) helped coordinate relief work. Janine and several members of the team from Tokyo went to help with distribution of food, water and clothing. They also helped with clean up and removal of debris.

I arrived in October with evangelist Christoph Zurcher. Our goal was to preach the Gospel to the Japanese, especially to those who had been affected by the tsunami. In the Iwaki area we held meetings at two schools, a resettlement community, a hotel with refugees and on the streets. Hundreds heard the Gospel; they seemed very open and willingly received New Testaments and prayer. I estimate at least 80% of the people we ministered to had never heard the Gospel. The disaster has changed things. I believe now is the time to win Japan for Christ.

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