Transforming the World with a Video Camera

men filming livestock


man with television monitors
John Hawkins directing the shots for filming
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Technology on mission

The Hawkins family is making ripples all over the world from their home base in south Texas. John and Joann Hawkins joined World Indigenous Missions in 1990 and worked as church planters in Mexico for thirteen years. In 2004, they returned to the United States and began working with Brick Cliff, founder and director of World Impact Now Ministries (WIN). John is currently the Office Manager and Production Manager at WIN.

Until recently, WIN focused solely on producing media for the International School of Ministry (ISOM). ISOM is a video-based Bible school curriculum that has been translated into 65 languages and is being used in schools in 140 countries. Interestingly, our recent post on the WIM blog titled Developing Leaders, Sparking Revival in Mexico is about a class of students graduating from an ISOM Bible school. WIM missionaries are also overseeing schools in the Philippines. It’s no wonder why Reinhard Bonnke said of ISOM: “It will inspire God’s people globally and stir them into action as never before.”

Another project WIN has contributed to is ISOM’s community development program called BOKS (Building Others through Knowledge and Service). It contains over 30 sessions on subjects like water purification, improved cook stoves, malaria treatment, AIDS prevention, farming techniques, childbirth, and more. BOKS has the potential to greatly improve the conditions of underdeveloped parts of the world.

Unique strategy

Now that WIN has grown, they are filming and producing their own curriculum called Nation 2 Nation (N2N). N2N is unique in that its goal is to distribute sessions taught by indigenous leaders themselves rather than only well-known Western teachers. (Watch a video about it here.)

girl with video camera
Anna, John and Joann’s daughter, filming seminars at the WIN studio
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N2N has two aspects to its curriculum: biblical teaching and community development. The biblical aspect includes ministry-based classes like “Marriage and Family,” “Suffering Loss,” and “The Art of Leading Worship” as well as studies on various books of the Bible. The community development aspect includes nearly 30 hours of training on effective livestock care. N2N has three semesters of material filmed in English which is already being used to train over 3000 pastors in Africa. The ultimate goal is to offer a bachelor’s degree and to have the program translated into other languages.

Is all this training really making a difference in the world? John and Joann reported recently:

man speaking at graduation
John speaking at a Bible school graduation.
© WIN Ministries

“A church in northern Tanzania just used our community development courses to have a weekend outreach. Fifty women attended, six of whom were Muslims. They gave their lives to Jesus Christ and were baptized Easter Sunday.”

Between ISOM, BOKS and N2N, there are many resources available to empower people around the world. Can you or someone you know use video-based curriculum for ministry? Contact us.


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  1. Nice work! So encouraged to see the equipping of nationals. It’s true that one of the greatest needs is the teaching of pastors and leaders. It’s our vision too. Many blessings to you and WIN.

  2. What a great program. Thousands will be transformed by the Gospel message because of what you are doing. Thanks!

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