Cross-Cultural Breakthrough in California

black pot cooking on fire outside

By Joshua Allen

I’ve been building relationships with the Mixteco people in a town on the central coast of California. I told them about how we held a gift-giving ceremony for needy children during this past Christmas. We had prepared and counted 30 shoeboxes filled with goodies, but there were about 40 children present. After each child had received a box, we had about 10 shoeboxes remaining.

When I finished sharing the story of this miracle, I asked them, “How is it possible that we had about 10 shoeboxes left over?” I used the opportunity to share the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. After the story, we began talking about the Bible. The conversation turned into an invitation for me to come and begin sharing stories from the Bible. I will start with the Creation story and use about 25 stories to give everyone an overall understanding of who God is and why Jesus came. After each story, I will pose the question, “How can we obey what we heard this evening?” Please be in prayer for the Mixtecos and for the storytelling process.


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