African Woman Stands in Worship

African woman holding groceries
A woman and her precious smile as she received groceries

Tim and Jenni Jarvis visited some of the neediest widows in their area bringing them encouragement from the Word and a bag of groceries. One widow they visited gave her life to Christ. In her better health, she had been attending a local church that taught a prosperity gospel. To her, being a Christian meant that she should give money to church and God would bless her. The pastor never gave an altar call and she didn’t know how to come to Christ. They explained the Gospel to her and what Jesus did for her and explained that she didn’t need an altar call. She was very happy to receive the amazing gift of salvation, knowing she could have a personal relationship with Jesus along with the assurance that she will be with God in heaven one day. She sang praises to her Lord as she stood with her staff (pictured above).

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