New WIM Member Care Base in Spain

By Tony & Mary Ann Bianchi

WIM Member Care is excited to announce the very first, soon-be-established, WIM regional Member Care base in Málaga, Spain! After jumping through many international hoops for what seemed like forever, Dick and Sue Steward have just been granted their residence visa for Spain. They should be on their way by the end of the year. From Málaga, their plan is to reach out and provide pastoral care for missionaries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
Many of you met Dick and Sue at WIM’s International Conference in August, 2013, and had a chance to observe their warm heart of compassion and care for missionaries. Before joining WIM as part of the Member Care team, Dick and Sue served in a local church pastorate for almost twenty years followed by nearly ten years in various mission capacities in Thailand, Spain, France and other countries.

Dick and Sue also currently serve as Member Care facilitators with Heartstream Resources, a highly regarded member care organization with whom we are privileged to share the Stewards. Dick and Sue bring to WIM a wealth of pastoral ministry and counseling experience and member care training, including wisdom and insight, some from their own personal trials and experiences. Their gifts of wisdom, mercy, and patience are particularly evident as they come alongside others in conflict resolution and in guiding hurting and wounded people toward healing in Christ.

If you would like to contact Dick and Sue with any Member Care concerns and encouragement, or if you are serving in that part of the world and wish to start communicating with the Stewards, please let us know. We will put you in touch as soon as they are “open for business.” You will be blessed by this precious couple, and they by you, our treasured WIM missionaries.


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