She Gave All She Had

houses in the mountains

By Lydia Barnes (WIM Missionary 270)

[MEXICO] Where we live, there are wooden houses called trojes built with wooden beams and steep roofs. There are dusty streets, more horses than cars, women in ankle-length skirts, long braided hair, colorful shawls, and loudspeakers booming announcements in an obscure tongue. They are slowly giving way to modern monstrosities built with concrete blocks, but some of the older villages still retain their architectural heritage. By outward appearance, typical villagers look hard and rough because life is hard and rough, but when we make a point to greet them—remembering their names—they are often very open and friendly. A common way that they show gratitude is to give a simple gift of the abundance of what they have. A particular lady gave us bunches of nuriten, a tea leaf that grows wild in the forests here. She took time to cut the bunches, bind them with corn husks and walk down a hill to give them to us. It reminds us of the passage in the Bible, “She gave all she had” (Mark 12:44).

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