New Roofs for Rainy Season

By Lydia Barnes (WIM Missionary 270)

[MEXICO] “Maria” is a 20-year-old mom with a two-year old and twins on the way any day now. Her husband works all day in the avocado orchards to make only $10. He hasn’t been able to pay for new supplies to re-roof their house, so we were able to be the hands of Jesus to help this family. On a previous visit, we had noticed that when you looked up at the old ceiling, it was like looking at the sky at night—you could see light coming through little holes. In the same village, we were also able re-roof the kitchen of a young, 15-year-old couple. These new roofs will provide shelter from the rainy season in July and August. We believe that God can use our humanitarian aid to open their hearts, and we are praying that the future will bring opportunities to help with their spiritual needs.

One Comment on “New Roofs for Rainy Season

  1. That was very generous of you to help repair the roofing of this family. I could imagine how very happy the family was to have one less thing to worry about which was the roof over their heads. I definitely hope that one day the family will have a chance to show their gratitude. Thank you for sharing this heart warming story about how you were able to help this needy family.

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