How Santa Got A Full Belly (It’s Not What You Think)

Little African girl

God Provides For Family In Kenya

By Bill & Carla Simokaitis

little African girl
Sweet Santa

We spent our day in the interior finishing our home visits. We drove and drove and drove some more! We walked and walked and walked until we thought we were going to pass out! We realized we should have brought protein snacks with us and more water because of the distance and the hot African sun!

When we arrived at Patience’s house, we were blessed with chai, bread and bananas. God was so merciful to us! This fueled us for our next journey to our final lady, Margaret. When we arrived at her home, we were greeted with cool breezes and a view of the Indian Ocean.

Margaret has one child named Santa, which means “Thank you God!” Margaret sells pure coconut oil and works as house help. Unfortunately, she has not been paid for several months. She also has much oil to sell, but no bottles to put it in. This means no money no food!

We purchased oil from her and gave a little extra. Of course, when we go for home visits, we bring rice, beans, tea, sugar, and milk.

We are assured Santa will sleep well tonight with a full belly!

One Comment on “How Santa Got A Full Belly (It’s Not What You Think)

  1. I loved it! What a catchy title and powerful message (a bellyful message) that says a thousand words with just a few.

    Thank you for what you do. Thank you for saying “yes” to Jesus and loving His people and introducing Him to others.

    We love you and wish you a Merry Merry Christmas.

    Mary Nell

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