9 Tips for a Great Newsletter

You’re on your way to writing a great newsletter!

Below are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you sit down and write about your latest trips and experiences.

  1. Ministry vision tagline

    What is your vision? If you don’t have a vision, you’re wasting your time. My guess is, if you’ve made it this far, you have a vision. Allow God to develop it. Ask yourself this, “What is the story of my vision?” This will help you if you are having a hard time articulating your vision. Tell the story through the eyes of those impacted.

  2. Keep it short

    One page is plenty. Two pages should be your maximum. Quality trumps quantity.

  3. Big action pictures

    When choosing photos, use more action shots than stiff poses.

  4. Identify your audience

    Consider targeting those who already have a passion for missions work.

  5. Use true stories to connect

    Short ministry stories will impact the reader much more personally and deeply than an itinerary of events or a dry list of strategies and projects. Avoid sermons (unless that’s your theme).

  6. Prayer requests

    These are a good addition to your publication, provided the list is concise. Follow-ups on answers to prayer are also highly recommended.

  7. Make it personal

    People want to support you! Don’t send a generic letter from the team when you can send a personal letter from you. While you might share some details about your team, also include what your hopes, fears and needs are.

  8. Be Personal

    Instead of writing to a large group of people, write as though you are writing directly to one specific person.

  9. Gratitude Sandwich

    Start your letters with a sentence that reflects how thankful you are for the support you’ve received. Then, end your letter with gratitude as well. Thank them in advance for whatever way they choose to support you.

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