Honduras Prayer Retreat

By Chris Briles

The Honduras prayer retreat was a great time for all involved. The team in Honduras was able to rest and refocus while enjoying times of worship, fellowship and prayer. The added fun of going to the beach and eating together promoted an atmosphere of family and helped create a peaceful atmosphere. Jim and Ruth K., and George and Angelyn R. were able to travel to Honduras and participate as well. It was great to have both of these couples join the Honduras team for a few days.

The focus of our time together was to rest and refocus and be reminded of whom we serve. Times away from our location of service are good. They allow us to reconnect with each other, and more importantly, with the Lord. I believe that at the end of our time together, each family left with a renewed sense of purpose and restored energy.

The following is Angelyn’s reflection of her first short-term trip to represent WIM’s member care team:

“There is nothing better to energize the ability to pray for those in ministry than to be with them in person on the field and walk with them through their daily activities. This is true for me, from personal experience, in Honduras! All that we witnessed the first few days of our trip emphasized the challenges of many “normal” tasks like getting a hot shower, electricity 24/7, internet connections, and travel from place to place. I left Honduras with an enhanced awareness of and appreciation for those who serve and minister on the front lines every day. It also made me realize the lifestyle of relative ease, excess, and expectation of comfort of those who live in the Western culture.

The Honduras prayer retreat was a precious opportunity to engage in team building, fellowship, heart sharing, worship, and prayer. For several on the edge of ministry burnout, the time set apart was imperative for spiritual, emotional, and physical renewal and refreshing! There were many opportunities for laughter, storytelling, and fun which are essential to balance and camaraderie. Corporate worship and lifting our voices in praise allowed the Holy Spirit to walk among us and unify our hearts. The sweetest moments of bonding were shared during times of concentrated prayer for each individual and family. Each was asked to share ministry and personal prayer concerns. Then, each was surrounded by all the others with laying on of hands to lift them before the throne of grace. It was an honor and privilege to participate in this ministry together. The end result was renewed focus, encouraged spirits, and revitalized endurance for returning to busy, full lives of service to God and others. We are part of a beautiful family in WIM! No matter where we serve, our bond is our love for the Father and the common desire to be obedient to Him.”

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