“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19)

We are commanded by Jesus to go and make disciples. So, what’s a disciple?

According to the Merriam Dictionary, a disciple is “one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.”

Therefore, a disciple of Jesus is someone who is taught the gospel, accepts this knowledge, and is willing and able to teach the gospel to others. He is a pupil, a student, a follower of Christ. This is the goal of missions and our goal—to make followers of Christ. As the face of missions has changed over the past century, WIM has adapted its methods to be relevant to a vastly different world. Yet, the mission of making disciples remains the same.

Whether it be preaching, teaching, friendship evangelism, business as mission, or compassion ministry, WIM missionaries are working with three goals in mind:

EVANGELIZING the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ
ESTABLISHING indigenous churches where there were previously none
EQUIPPING and serving leaders

How do you get started? What’s the process? These are great questions.

Contact us and we’ll answer all of your questions. With diverse ministry opportunities, we have a place for you.

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