Chanya, Stephen & Celeste

Stephen and Celeste met in 2004 while she was serving her 3rd year in Malawi, teaching at Central Africa Bible College, located in Chitipa, Malawi. This is where Stephen was attending his 2nd year. He is now an associate pastor, campus pastor and teacher, and serves as zone pastor over several churches. Christian Academy Mission Starter School, which they have founded, is due in part to the Lord leading through their son Andrew who is now 9 years old. This school is providing much-needed quality education and spiritual training for children and also provides parenting classes for students’ families. Within four short years of these classes, the parents have now become the Board of Directors of the School, and the school is thriving under their leadership. In a country where 46.8 % of the population is under 14, but is highly overlooked, reaching this people group is vital to a national positive change.