Hawkins, John & Joann

John and Joann Hawkins gave their lives to Jesus Christ in 1987. After graduating from Christ for the Nations in 1990, they entered full-time ministry with World Indigenous Missions and served in southern and central Mexico for 13 years planting churches and training national leaders. They realized that the effectiveness of their ministry could be exponentially increased if they made use of modern media. So in 2004, they joined forces with World Impact Now Ministries, a ministry which uses video technology to equip churches and leaders around the world to facilitate Christian Leadership Training & Discipleship and Community Development. The programs they use the most are those they have filmed and produced themselves–“Nation-2-Nation,” a ministerial and biblical studies program (used to train church leaders) and “Nation-2-Nation Community Development” which is a humanitarian program (used to equip the church to be a social and practical blessing to its community). They have helped to establish over 1000 video Bible schools in 20 languages around the world.