Hunger for His Kingdom (Part 1)

During the past year I have noticed a hunger growing in my heart—a new interest in understanding and teaching more about the Kingdom of God. Both John the Baptist and Jesus came preaching, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Mat 4:17). The kingdom of God (also called the kingdom of heaven) was central to all that they taught.  Jesus came to reveal the kingdom of God to us and… Read More »Hunger for His Kingdom (Part 1)

How to Survive on the Mission Field: Let’s Reverse the Statistics

A statistic that is very troubling to me is that 80% of all missionaries will never finish one term on the mission field, or if they do, they will not return for a second term (a term is considered a three-and-a-half year period). I heard this while I was in missionary school and the first thing I said to myself was, “No way! That statistic cannot be true.” I thought about the testimonies I heard the first day of school by the students. Callings were explained, scripture was read, and testimonies were shared about God’s leading to missionary school. I was impressed. At our graduation exercise everyone was excited to go forth into the ripened fields of harvest. I was sure my class of 1980 would do a great work for the Lord. I believe that as a class we were a blessing to many people in different parts of the world, but the Read More »How to Survive on the Mission Field: Let’s Reverse the Statistics

Watch Out, Social Web! Here Comes WIM!

For the past several months, a few of us on the WIM staff have been brainstorming, re-thinking, dreaming and learning. Our main question has been: “How can we utilize technology for the kingdom of God?” I had been working on a new website for WIM for months already, but a shift happened when Andy Toth, our Director of Training, came into my office and and dropped a DVD on my… Read More »Watch Out, Social Web! Here Comes WIM!

Relief Comes to Japan

In March of 2011 a tsunami hit Japan. Thousands were killed; there was also widespread destruction to homes, businesses and infrastructure. WIM responded by setting up a fund to channel money into the affected areas, partnering with our missionary on the ground, Janine Geekie, and her team. A ministry center in Iwaki (north eastern Japan) helped coordinate relief work. Janine and several members of the team from Tokyo went to… Read More »Relief Comes to Japan

WIM Celebrates 30 Years!

As I write this I am traveling. While traveling, I notice markers—mile markers along the side of the road—that tell where I am and how far I have come. Mile markers were once called “milestones.” Now we think of a milestone, not as a measurement of physical distance, but as a marker of a significant event in the life of a person or an organization. The year 2011 is a very significant milestone for World Indigenous Missions as it marks our thirtieth year as a mission organization.

WIM was incorporated as a mission agency in July, 1981. The original board of directors were Myron Anderson, founder and president; Steve Johnson, vice president; Walter Fleming, secretary; Roland Dunteman, advisor. Myron saw a vision of “little fires on the mountain tops” of Mexico. These “little fires” were churches that would be planted in villages throughout Mexico. Over two hundred fifty “little fires” have been started in Mexico since that vision and many more across the world.

The original WIM missionaries came from the parent organization Missionary Revival Crusade. MRC worked mostly in Mexico City with a vision to reach into other large urban populations in Mexico. The founders of WIM had a heart for the rural villages. They began working in the mountainous region known as “The Hausteca” in the state of San Luis Potosí, near the towns of Matalapa, Tamazunchale, and Ciudad Valles. Their desire was to train missionaries who would plant churches among indigenous peoples in the Hausteco and Nahuatl tribes. They believed in and held strongly to principles of planting churches that would become self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating. They knew that if these new believers could be taught to finance their church, govern its affairs, and evangelize their own people, they would continue to plant other churches with the same vision without the aid of foreign missionaries or other outside sources. World Indigenous Missions continues to adhere to those proven principles.Read More »WIM Celebrates 30 Years!

God Uses Everything

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“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news” (Isaiah 52:7). I just returned from a week with a WIM missionary family in Oaxaca, Mexico. They work with an indigenous group called the Mixe (pronounced MEE-hay). This particular group is divided into three areas: lowlands, midlands and highlands. The lowlands have only had access to the gospel (good news of Jesus) for about 30 years,… Read More »God Uses Everything

The Jesus Prayer

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By Chuck Hall O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. The Apostle Paul admonishes us, “Pray without ceasing.” One prayer helpful in obeying that admonition is The Jesus Prayer. This prayer, one of the oldest prayers of the Church, has been practiced for 2000 years; however, few in Protestant churches of the West have heard of it. It is most familiar to Eastern Christians,… Read More »The Jesus Prayer

Ten New Missionaries Join WIM

June Orientation and Training went off without a hitch! WIM staff and volunteers were blessed to serve the wonderful group of missionary candidates that attended. By the end of the week, it seemed that everyone was well-supplied with useful information and overjoyed with fresh vision. WIM has accepted ten new missionaries (six branches). We look forward to seeing how God uses them in the future.

Mexico Prayer Meeting

April 5-8 President Chuck Hall and Director of Operations Chris Briles will join the WIM missionaries of Mexico for their annual time of prayer. On this occasion they will meet in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca. Please pray for encouragement in their prayer times, breakthroughs in their ministries, and safety in their travels

Find us at Biola

Next week (March 16-18) WIM will be at the Biola University Missions Conference in La Mirada, CA. Our very own Dr. Andrew Toth will be giving a seminar on Thursday titled, “Mexican Cartel Violence and God’s Command to GO.” If you are in the area, come check it out!