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A world of cross-cultural missions opportunities awaits you in WIM.

Saints around the globe are praying that God would send workers into His harvest field; you may be an answer to their prayers.

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Feeling called to missions, but don’t know where to start? Begin by completing our preliminary questionnaire so that we can become acquainted with you and your vision for ministry.

In WIM, we believe that missions is best learned by doing–in the context of cross-cultural ministry, rather than in a stuffy classroom. Every aspect of WIM’s training program flows from our core values of committed relationships and ministry through mentoring and discipleship.

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Orientation & Training

 Our Orientation and Training Week includes engaging instructors, life-shaping moments, and relationship building. Discover the vision and core values that have inspired WIM missionaries for over 35 years, and learn how WIM can assist you in realizing God’s vision for your life. During this time, you’ll also learn practical skills that will empower you to serve God in whatever capacity you are called. After Orientation, prepare for one of our internship and apprenticeship opportunities.


Set your sights on a WIM internship to catch a glimpse of what it means to live and minister cross-culturally. An internship is real-life experience in cross-cultural ministry, ranging from ten weeks to six months. There are a variety of locations and ministry contexts to fit your needs, desires, and calling. Get a taste for what missions is really like, and allow God to transform and refine you.


The best learning combines personal study with practical experience under a master – in this case, a seasoned missionary. The WIM apprenticeship is a true mentor/disciple model that typically lasts two years. As a missionary apprentice, you will learn to engage the culture, begin to grasp the language, and become knowledgeable of the ministry approach in a given region. Upon your successful completion of the apprenticeship, you will be qualified to minister as God leads you, with full recognition as a WIM missionary.

Questions? Contact the WIM Training Department.