Keys to Missionary Funding and Creative Giving

How to Fund Your Ministry

One challenging but essential aspect of full-time missions is fundraising. I have been gleaning from two resources that provide insight and encouragement in this area. The first is a condensed version of The God Ask written by Steve Shadrach. In this booklet, the author shares five keys to ministry funding:

  1. Understand the biblical basis [of support raising];
  2. Kill the giants in your own mind;
  3. Pray and plan well;
  4. Talk to individuals face to face;
  5. Cultivate the supporting relationships.

It doesn’t matter where we are in the funding process — beginning as new missionaries or veterans in ministry — we all need to be reminded of these principles. I believe two of these keys are especially critical. First, we need to pray and plan. This will allow the Lord to bring into our lives new people who are interested in funding the kingdom work to which He has called us. Second, as missionaries, we need to cultivate our relationships with our supporters. It doesn’t matter how long we have known them; we must actively develop our relationships and give them the opportunity to be part of a bigger plan. They must feel like part of our team!

Want to know more? At a past Urbana conference, Steve Shadrach taught a session called “Five Keys to Raise Your Ministry Support.”

Creative Giving

The second resource is a pamphlet published by CIS Wealth that outlines creative giving techniques. In our current economy, there is seemingly less cash available for funding the Kingdom. However, many people have other types of assets. Too often we focus only on cash gifts from individuals. Think about other options such as:

  1. Stocks/bonds/mutual funds
  2. Life insurance policies where your ministry is the beneficiary
  3. Real estate
  4. Oil and gas interest
  5. Mineral rights
  6. Precious metals
  7. Inheritances

These are just a few of the non-traditional options that many supporters have available to them but they simply do not know how they can put these assets to work for the Kingdom. Take time to communicate with your supporters and let them know of all the ways they can be involved besides writing a check.


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