Letter from the mission field of Walter Fleming

By Walter Fleming, WIM Founder

For the past six years, my “mission field” has been in my home office, writing and editing books and sermons. At first, I thought in terms of numbers—numbers of books written, printed, translated and numbers of countries reached. Numbers were not a good measure of results, however. The feedback I received made me realize that God’s word was reaching many more people now than I had reached all of my years as a preacher. That meant something to me and I give God the glory for that!

“We have never charged for the books we print because we have always believed it was something our ministry was called to do.”

In January, we received a book that was written by the Kenyan Pastor who translates our books into Swahili. (We had always said, “If you write a book, we will print it for you.”) Cathy was so excited about it that she insisted this book should be bound professionally. She mentioned it to Glenda Morris who explained that WIM had been given a small thermal binder as a bonus when they bought their last printing system. We looked at it, but the binders that came with it were not large enough for this book. We placed an order for two hundred new steel thermal binders at a cost of $1.40 each. We mentioned it in our newsletter and added, “We believe that the Lord will provide [the finances] and that the book can be bound once we print it.” We have never charged for the books we print because we have always believed it was something our ministry was called to do. Cathy figured this one would cost $3 per book.

It seemed to me that it took Cathy forever working with Pastor Sitati to get the book edited and printed, but I always feel that way during the editing process. The more I thought about the expense, I became anxious because we had promised him one hundred books and he had asked if we might send another hundred later in the year. One day as we traveled to visit her brother, Cathy was reading the last draft of Living Above Average to me. Pastor Anthony says it is written for the people of Kenya, but we know that the truth of God’s word is universal. Shortly after arriving to our destination, Glenda called and said we would be given a large thermal binder ($650 value) if we would order another 100 binders. We did and the new binding machine was waiting for us when we arrived home. Yes, this was a wonderful gift, but I was feeling even more anxious about the expense knowing that the shipping expense was still to come since the books would be mailed to Kenya. Cathy told me many times that God told her to do this. She believed everything that had happened was confirmation of God’s provision.

We had recently sent some small booklets to Kenya for $200. My anxiety became even worse when I learned it would cost $293 to mail this new book. Lo and behold, we had not printed a single book yet, but as we began to print, we learned $400 had been contributed for this project. Once the printing was completed and put into a box addressed to Kenya, I received another call about a $500 contribution for the book. The anxiety left me and I asked God to forgive me.

I pray that this testimony will help someone to remember that we who live by faith will have peace because our trust is in a faithful God!

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  1. God is all around us if we but look. He will never leave us. We only need to do our best and trust HIS WILL BE DONE.

  2. Can you give me the list of books written by walter fleming
    thank you

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