Home and Heritage

Over the last year, I’ve been reading a book about raising healthy TCKs (Third Culture Kids). There are some wonderful benefits to raising your kids overseas (like an expanded global worldview, outside-the-box thinkers, an intuitive ability to empathize, etc.). But there are also challenges that many TCKs tend to face and that doesn’t often surface until their adult years.

Fruitful Team Visit

In late June, a team from our home church visited to put on a VBS along with a number of other outreaches. It was the first short-term team visit that we planned from start to finish, so it was a trial run for us. We attempted to put into practice all we’ve learned to make it a fruitful trip. We put on…

78% of Muslims will never meet a Christian — but these did

In March, I flew to Kurdistan to work with four beautiful women who live there long-term. These women are heroes, and they deeply impacted my life. We just “happened” to be visiting the same place Canon Andrew White was visiting. We had the honor of spending quite some time with him, listening to stories and learning much. We even had our very own Easter service with him! Andrew is a patriarch of the region and devotes his life to seeing relief and reconciliation there.

Floodwaters stopped for WIM missionary in Indonesia

Recently one Sunday night, I received an urgent Skype call from “Ruth,” our fellow missionary in Indonesia. Her house was in danger of flooding yet again as a monsoon storm was raging outside. She had no one to help her and she was in charge of a number of young children. Immediately, a verse that had been on my mind throughout the day came out in the form of this prayer…

Passing the Torch: Kids in Missions

“Am I going to have to wait until I’m an old man to teach people about the Lord?” our nine year old son blurted out in frustration. Earlier, Caleb had overheard my wife and I discussing who would run her weekly bible class in the village during her absence… and he felt like it should be him. After all, I had just prayed with him the night before about God using him to minister to others. This was his opportunity…

How Santa Got A Full Belly (It’s Not What You Think)

We spent our day in the interior finishing our home visits. We drove and drove and drove some more! We walked and walked and walked until we thought we were going to pass out! We realized we should have brought protein snacks with us and more water because of the distance and the hot African sun…

First Time in 19 Years: Indigenously Supported

By Roberto Krisztal We are preparing to have our annual event to reach 2,500 Bolivian kids through songs, dances and a wonderful drama. This year, we have a new strategy. For the past 19 years, Children’s Club Bolivia has covered the costs for the annual outreaches. However, God laid it on my heart that, because this is an outreach for Bolivia, the Bolivian church needs to pay for the work. The… Read More »First Time in 19 Years: Indigenously Supported

Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood

By Tony Bianchi, WIM Member Care I have always admired missionary children for their maturity and ability to talk to adults. However, some of our missionary children face adult issues and grow up mentally and emotionally too fast. Normal, healthy childhood development may be lost or missed when our children are subjected to adult topics and uncensored emotions. In light of this, “The Real Loss of Childhood,” an article by… Read More »Our Missionary Children: The Real Loss of Childhood

Zany team hosts successful outreach with more to come

Children’s Club Bolivia, led by WIM mis­sion­ar­ies Roberto and Mauri Krisztal in col­lab­o­ra­tion with YWAM Santa Cruz, recently shared the love of God with forty children and ten parents. Please be in prayer for the Children’s Club Bolivia team as they prepare for their annual children’s outreach. They are believing that 2,000 to 3,000 children will come enjoy an afternoon of songs, games and a Gospel-centered drama. Please pray that many will… Read More »Zany team hosts successful outreach with more to come

The Happy Monster

By Hannah Henderson (Missionary 249) We left our home in Missouri at 3 AM to head for the airport. Despite my best efforts, Thymely (nearly two years old at the time) awoke as I was putting her in her car seat. She was in a cheerful mood and spent the car ride to the airport talking about the stars and the trees she could see out the window. I was… Read More »The Happy Monster